Saturday, September 6, 2014

9-6-2014 Badlands National Park

      While at Snake Creek Recreation area I traveled to Platte SD and used the library to post my last blog. I met a fantastic librarian Miranda, and really enjoyed our visit. She writes her own travel blog, and shared with me what to see as I travel to the next areas west.

You can find her blog here:

I traveled from Snake Creek Recreation area to Badlands National Park via Hwy 44 to Hwy 47 then onto I 90 west. The trip took me about three hours but I stopped a couple of places for gas and rest.

       I saw lots of beautiful country and quite a bit of animals. There are lots and lots of cattle raised in the area. I also saw wild Pheasants, Turkeys, and Deer. Having just arrived I haven't seen much of the park but what I did is majestic. The rock outcroppings are everywhere and the roads and trails offer wide open views with deep blue sky and white clouds as a backdrop. I did see a couple of goats feeding along the road as I drove to the campground.

       Since I have a senior pass entrance was free with camping reduced to $22.16 per night. I will be here until Monday the 9th of September when I have reservations at Custer state park.

     I will be sight seeing for a couple of days then I will be .........Driving Ms Daisy.

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