Thursday, July 5, 2012


     We traveled from Timber Ridge campground at Traverse City to Mackinaw City and settled in to our spot at the Mill Creek campground that we had reserved.This is a family owned campground. It is confusing because there is also a Mill Creek State park Campground. Our site on Tuesday was #274 and it was a nice shaded site. This site was one row back from the beach but was only available for Tuesday night and when we called for reservation a few weeks ago there were no site available there for the 4th. So when we checked in we asked for any site and the guy said yes.I know Sherry was exited because sleeping in a parking lot seem weird. So he made her very happy. We were going to Mackinac Island on Wednesday the 4th and had to leave site 274 before 11am. When we checked in we were able to secure site 70 for Wednesday night, but we couldn't move to this site before the current guest left at 11 am. We decided to take Daisy to the parking lot at the Boat Ferry (Star Line) in the morning and then return to site 70 after visiting the Island. This worked very well as we were shuttled from a parking lot across the street both to the boat and back to Daisy after visiting the Island.
       When we returned to the campground and got set up for the night we took our lawn chairs along the beach where we had a great view of the bridge and were able to see FIREWORKS from Mackinaw City,St Ignace, and Mackinac Island as well as a city I didn't know farther north. We had a great time as the fire works reflected in the water. We visited with several fellow campers along the shore line.

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