Monday, January 9, 2012

Jan 4 thru Jan 7

      I thought I should bring this blog up to speed since I haven't posted for a few days. After visiting the Presidential complex at Little Rock I traveled to Buffalo Tennessee and spent the night in a KOA campground. This was a nice facility with electric, water and a place to dump waste tanks. I arrived after dark on the fifth and left before light on the sixth of January. I didn't sleep very well there was a lot of traffic noise from Interstate 40. This campground is located just next to the interstate, I am going to look for campgrounds that are at least 1/2 mile from major traffic highways in the future.  The trip from Little Rock though Memphis to Buffalo, TN was a long drive and the scenery was about the same as from Idabel, OK to Little Rock, AR.       January 4 I traveled from Buffalo, TN to Nashville TN and spent some time at the Bass Pro shop and Camping World. I picked up some RV supplies at camping world. I got two patches for the roof where I think the water is coming in. I also picked up a 90 degree waste water drain attachment that I think will better keep the sewer hose in the dump pipe. I haven't had a problem but don't want one either. I thought I needed some stuff from Bass Pro, but it turned out that I just wanted to walk around and look at the store. After spending a couple of hours at these stores I was ready for more travel. So I climbed back into Ms Daisy and traveled back up the road to Columbus, IN and spent the night in a Menards parking lot. This was much quieter than the KOA campground and the Walmart next to the Menards. It was also darker as they turn out the parking lot lights after 9:00 Pm when the store closed. I had a great night sleep and then traveled to Anderson, IN to Cracker Barrel Restaurant. I had planned to have lunch here but they were busy so I just turned in the audio book I have been listening to since Memphis.
     Before I forget I need to tell you about going through Louisville, Ky. Lola the lying GPS told me we had a traffic delay ahead about at the bridge over the Ohio river on I 65. She said to avoid delay to take the exit before the bridge and go the alternate route. I knew better but I couldn't help myself and listened to her advise. She had said there was about a 12 minute delay in traffic on I 65. Anyway I took the exit and after nine hairpin turns in the center lane with traffic on both sides of Ms  Daisy I was in line for the alternate bridge on US 31. I waited in a line of traffic through three traffic signals that were being controlled by police personnel at each intersection. This took me about 40 minutes of white knuckles on the steering wheel. After crossing the river I was able to get back on to I 65 without much trouble.
Bass Pro Shop at Nashville, TN
Small Mouth Bass in Bass Pro Aquarium
     I traveled from Columbus, IN to Home on Saturday ending this adventure with Ms Daisy. In total I Ms Daisy and I traveled about 3000 miles on this trip. We had a great time and hope to be able to take another trip together soon.
Until then I will be.............. thinking about Driving Ms Daisy:}

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