Sunday, July 1, 2012

Battle Creek MI Balloon Festival and Air show

Sherry and I are on Vacation!!!!!
    We drove Ms Daisy to Battle Creek, MI on Saturday. We had reservations at W. K Kellog Airport to enjoy the festivities. And what a treat we had. When we sent our reservations in they had 3 different choices. Our first choice was front row and we were lucky to get one. Met some really nice RV'ers and we talked about our rigs.
    We arrived at our spot around 1:30pm and the air show was already going on.
This is the Thunderbirds Air Force Squadron planes. They put on a great show. It makes me wonder how they do it. It was loud and fantastic and they flew right over us and in front of us. I just can't say enough about this experience. There were lots of other planes all day long. Bi-planes and other military planes.Some of the planes flew by themselves and others flew in groups crisscross the sky.

     Then as the sun went down the hot air ballon show started. We had really came to see the ballons take off, but they did not. We counted 29 in doing the illume. This was a site to see.The final show of the night was the worlds only jet powered school bus. We had to cover our ears as the bus screamed down the run way. With fire, smoke and excitement this was a great end to the perfect day.

     Michigan is as dry in this area as we are in Indiana. Lost more to see and do. Heading west to Grand Haven area. Bye for now. We'll be Driving Ms. Daisy.

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