Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Idabel, Oklahoma

      I didn't have Internet access last night so I couldn't update on the location of the team. Ms Daisy is performing flawlessly. Jay has flaws as most of you know.

        Spent the night in Walmart's parking lot after getting the OK from the customer service person. She said " Were not  supposed to allow that but go ahead everyone else does."  I had a great nights sleep, after traveling 340 miles yesterday.

        I am currently setting at Ms Daisy's table and typing this. We are connected to the Idabel public library system. They have a beautiful library here in the city, with a great Wifi signal. We came through the Texas hill country yesterday right up Hwy 96 to Hwy 59 the rolling hills were nothing for Ms Daisy but a little hard on the gas budget. About 9 miles per gallon yesterday, I do notice that there are a lot of little gas stations that Ms Daisy shouldn't enter, just not enough room for her bulk. Lola the liar performed much better yesterday after I made changes to select the fastest route.

      I tried to upload pictures from yesterday but couldn't maybe I will be able to later.

       I am planning to travel to Little Rock Arkansas today to see the Clinton Library, I will take what pictures I can. The last time I saw President Clinton was in Decatur, Indiana at a speech to get Hilliary the Presidential nomination for 2008.

Texas Hill country on Hwy 59 about 50 miles south of Oklahoma

Until next time I will be.................Driving Ms Daisy:} 

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  1. Hey. Happy New Year. This is the first time I read this blog. I just found out about it. This is a great thing. It sounds like so much fun. I wonder if I could get my Husband to do such a thing. Peace and safe travels to you and Ms Daisy. Penny