Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Little Rock Arkansas 1/4/2012

     The journey from Isabel, OK to Little Rock, Arkansas was good. I think I drove about 200 miles today. I had lunch at Cracker Barrel. This was the first time on this trip I ate at a restaurant I think. I have been to several McDonalds for coffee, and sometimes for breakfast sandwiches.
     The western part of Arkansas is very pretty with lots of water and woods. I saw lots of logging trucks and some places where the trees were harvested. The rolling hills to the west are ideal for tree raising. Some of the trucks were driving towards me and some were going with me. I thought why couldn't they just go the other way then they would save driving time and miles. I did see a operation where they were converting trees into poles for electric distribution. I also saw a lumber mill where they were kiln drying the lumber, so maybe they have good reasons for which direction the logs were traveling.
      After lunch I toured the William J Clinton Library this was a very interesting place I took lots of pictures. They have duplicates of the cabinet room and the oval office. This site was an old abandoned industrial complex. They did an excellent thing with this project.
       I am spending the night at Trails end RV park north of Little Rock. This is quite close to I 40 and I am hearing a lot of traffic. I hope I can sleep tonight like I did in the Walmart parking lot.
      I refilled Ms Daisy's propane tank and now don't have to worry about running out while heating her tonight. I use an electric heater when I have electricity but this requires a boost with the furnace once the temperature drops to about freezing.
Gleeson Lake on Hwy 70 west Arkansas
Hill country western Arkansas
Clinton Cabinet room
Clinton desk in Oval Office
Clinton Presidential limo.

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  1. I'm glad to hear that Lola has shaped up!
    Arkansas looks very pretty : )