Sunday, January 31, 2016

Downsizing 2015

     After almost 30 years of marriage we have accumulated lots of stuff. Sherry had an antique shop for 6 years. When we closed the store we had sales and then in the end sent things to auction. However, we did keep a few things that we did not want to part with. We continued to collect things that we loved. So fast forward to 2015 the year of downsizing. We had lost our interest in accumulating more stuff a few years back and so purging our collections became something we really wanted to do.
     Jay retired and we closed our electrical business and wanted to get rid of the storage unit so those tools and supplies also came to our residence. This really put the pressure on to get things more organized and to rid our lives of stuff that we just didn’t need or want anymore. We are planning on remodeling so these rooms need emptied to start the process.
     Sherry has been going through organizing and making decision on what she really wants to keep. We held garage sales, sent donations to a church store that sells items and the money goes to helping with missions work. We also in the end sent many things to auction. By this time the whole summer had gone by and we also donated a few items to a museum.

Truck load off to Auction

  We still have several large items to get rid of and we will do that this year. Living in an RV puts a perspective on what you really need. Like most of us we are limited in storage and living areas. We have found that we just don’t want clutter. So that being our goal we will continue this mission of decluttering this year. We have followed blogs of people who go full time RVing and they say it is best to start early and not stress yourself out doing this all at once.

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