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Lake Geneva WI August 2 through 7, 2015

August 2 thru 7 2015 Lake Geneva Wisconsin

     We traveled through Northern Indiana crossed Chicago to the resort town of Lake Geneva Wisconsin. We have a Niece and her family that live in a small town about 12 miles north of here and we wanted to visit them as well as site see the area.

     Sherry and I stayed at Big Foot Beach SP and enjoyed lots of bike riding and outings to the small shops and tourist places. We drove around with Daisy bug our HHR the first day and upon returning to the park a ranger stopped us and advised we should seek shelter at the bathhouse as a severe storm was approaching. We rode out the storm with all the other campers and there was lots of lighting and severe wind gusts. Some branches were removed from trees during the storm. After about an hour we returned to the camp to find everything was just fine. When we rode bikes the next morning we sighted several large trees were downed and park staff was cutting up the mess. One tree fell across the road and had been topped to allow for traffic to continue.

     This is almost a self-serve park as no entry personnel is available on Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday and you have to check yourself in and then pay with an envelope. Not bad as I had stayed here the year before and we got a great site with lots of room around the RV.

Lake Geneva History Museum

      The second day we met with Steve, Ashlee, and baby Brayden at a restaurant in Elkhorn called Someplace Else. They have great food and has a warm atmosphere with a bar. We visited with family and enjoyed the experience of the restaurant.
     One day for lunch we went to a pizza place that overlooks Lake Geneva and while we enjoyed the views the pizza didn’t meet our expectations. Lake Geneva is a quaint touristy town with lots and lots of cute shops. Sherry always enjoys this and so I usually have an audio book to listen to while she is shopping. I have to say that rarely does she buy anything but she does love to look. Since she has retired she has started downsizing. That will be a blog later.

Parking ticket Kiosk 

     Sherry found fiber related equipment at History Museum!!!

       We finally decided to take a boat ride around Lake Geneva. They have several options for boat rides. One that is really famous is the Mail Boat Delivery trip. This is a 3 hour boat ride where the kids jump off the boat onto the dock at each house pier and put the mail in the box then jumps back on at the back of the boat. The boat never stops. We took a shorter ride and the boat captain told us stories about each house and history of the homes. Most famous is the Wrigley Mansion.

Original dance hall Riviera Center

       Our niece suggested we visit Lake Geneva History Museum of History housed in a 1929 power and light building. We loved it and the volunteers were so friendly and knowledgeable. 

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