Monday, January 18, 2016

2015 Problems in Texas

We experienced some problems with the RV (MS Daisy) and Tow vehicle Chevy HHR (Daisy Bug) last year. In preparation of our pilgrimage to Texas I had new tires installed on both the RV and the HHR, The HHR had worn tread that told me we needed to have them replaced. I took the RV a 2010 Coachman Concord a Class C Ford chassis to have a alignment performed because of cupping on the front tires. When I investigated the date code I found the tires were 5 years old and upon inspection I could detect some age cracking on the sidewalls. So all six tires were replaced on the RV.
      We drove from Indiana on I 65 to Nashville Tn and then turned onto I 40 west towards Memphis. Somewhere in this distance I noticed when filling up with fuel that the right rear hubcap (wheel simulator) had been lost. 
I have to assume it wasn’t installed correctly at the tire change. I also noticed the left rear tire looked low on air pressure. After testing the pressure the outside dually had the recommended 85 psi but the inside dually had about 20 psi. I couldn’t refill at this station and so had find a station two refill as I assumed we had a slow leak. Anyway upon each fuel refill from then on I had to keep refilling the inside dually. When we arrived at Lagoons RV park we set up and took the weight off the tires with the levelers. I knew we had to get this tire fixed before returning to Indiana.

       We were driving the HHR to Port Aransas to visit with Sherry’s sister’s family when I must have hit a bolt and punctured the left rear tire. This tire immediately deflated and I had to put on the donut spare. We returned to to Rockport to Craigs Tire service and while it took most of the day, they were able to install a new tire. However it wasn’t the same brand as the tires I had just installed in Indiana. I later took the RV to this same center to have the inside dually repaired, they found and metal object in the tread and were able to install a patch on the inside of the tire.

     While we were shopping at a local souvenir shop when we returned to the HHR it wouldn’t start. It wasn’t turning over so I suspected a dead battery and sure enough when the head lights were turned on it confirmed no power was available. We used our Good Sam Roadside service and after about a hour of wait time we got a jump to get the HHR back to the RV park. I knew if it didn’t start the next morning I would be able to get a jump off of one of the park residents. The next morning we took the HHR to Walmart and had a new battery installed the old battery was original about 9 years old. No wonder it failed at this time. I can only hope the new battery gives good service as I know we won’t have this car for another 9 years.

     I have had reoccurring roof problems with the RV especially on the right front where the roof connects to the fiberglass front cap. I have cut out and replaced the caulking with Dicor self leveling roof caulk twice. We developed another leak while parked at Lagoons and this time it was severe enough it delaminate the front cabinet. I made a temporary repair when at Bettys RV park in Abbyville LA. 
This was going to be a pretty major repair that I couldn’t perform until we returned to Indiana. We left Texas and I was in a foul mood, because all the problems. I once more, after we were out of rain long enough to make roof repairs cut out and replaced the caulking at this junction. Later in the summer I went on the roof and installed a strip of eternal bond tape across the junction of the roof to fiberglass. Time will tell if this is a more permanent fix. I make annual inspections and repair any problem that I find. I have replaced two of the three roof vent covers because of sun deterioration, and installed Max air covers over the roof vents. 

The cabinet was completely removed and rebuilt with plywood instead of the pressed fiberboard the manufacturer used and is very susceptible to water damage.

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