Saturday, January 23, 2016

Kelleys Island Ohio July 1 thru 3 2015

7-1 to 7-3, 2015
We decided to take off and go on another short trip. This time we went to Kelleys Island off the coast of Ohio on Lake Erie.  We did not take our HHR Daisy bug since we thought that we could bike around the island. The ferry boat charged $131.00 round trip for the RV and 2 passengers. We made reservations at the Kelley Island State Park. We did not take the car because the island is only a couple of miles across from north to south.
Glacial Grooves located on the island are limestone that was carved out when ice sheets moved.

We had beautiful weather and rode bikes over 40 miles in the short time we were at the island.

Jay mentioned to his friend Bill that we were heading to Kelleys Island and Bill told Jay that he had an Aunt Helen who lived on the island for many years and was a school teacher. When we checked in at the state park we mentioned this to them and the women working knew her and one lady even had her as a school teacher. She told us where Helen lived while she taught school. We rode our bikes everyday passed the school to downtown and went passed her home where she lived.
House that Helen lived in.         These stones were used by women to get into carriages.

When we camp we fix some food in the RV and eat out some also. We ate at the Village Pump. We had perch and World Famous Brandy Alexanders. 

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