Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Rockport Texas January 10th -12th 2016

January 10th thru 12th

     We really were blessed this year with lots of sunshine and warm 70-80 degree weather and so we rode our bikes at the Tule Creek Bike & Hike Trail. We have easy access to this concrete trail from our RV Park with it being less than 2 blocks away. So we ride from the park down the sidewalk onto the trail. Lots of times we would ride to the Rockport Beach and thru the Rockport Harbor area. This is a good 7 mile round trip for us. Except for the trail area this sidewalk ride goes along the water and always provides a spectacular views.

     Every Monday the Texas Maritime Museum has a Brown Bag Lunch Series. This week’s talk on January 11 was about Sea Turtles on the Texas Coast. Laura Wright from the Padre Island National Seashore gave a great talk on the population and hatchling release program. This was very interesting to us being from Indiana we knew nothing about sea turtles. She showed lots of pictures of turtles and their eggs. Their group is working with Mexico tracking the Green Ridley Sea Turtle. Turtles will return to their birth place to lay eggs. The eggs they find on the beach are packed in sand from South Padre Island and released after incubation on the shores of South Padre. They are not sure if the turtles impress upon the sand or the release point. These programs at the museum are well attended and very educational.

     The evening entertainment at the Lagoons RV Park were the Redhead Express family. They were at the park a few year ago to sing so I had heard them before but Sherry had not. They are really good and we really enjoyed them.

  Redhead Express at Lagoons RV Resort

   On January the 12 we drove over to Lamar Texas to see the Whooping Cranes. You can always see them in the field within a wetland area. We have never seen them close to the fence and they stay close to the pond. This area of Texas is really a wonderful place for people to bird watch and the Whooping Cranes and the Sandhill Cranes are a big attraction. You can take boat rides out of the Fulton Harbor to see the cranes and other birds. While we were in Lamar we drove passed the “Big Tree” and then headed to Pop’s Place restaurant for lunch. The food was good and I took pictures of the fish murals on the walls that are made from beer bottle caps.

Whopping Cranes
Beer Cap Mural at Pop's Place Restaurant

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