Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Rockport January 1st thru 9th 2016

January 1 through 3
         Arrived at Lagoons RV Resort in Rockport Texas on January 1st and it rained for three days. Cold weather ( 60 degrees) kept us inside or driving around. We got the Rockport Beach Pass and did some shopping.

 Went to church at RV park pavilion and enjoyed gospel singer Brian Arnold as he gave testimony and played and sang songs. He was here last January and we really enjoy his music.  His sound man Dan Lyming just released a new CD so we bought one of Brian’s and one of Dan’s. We have enjoyed listening to them both. We also had some fellowship with other RVers. The whole town of Rockport lost power for two hours on January 2nd. We did not know why but were really happy the power came back on so quickly.
January 4 through 9
      We went to Port Aransas and had breakfast at San Juan Restaurant. Great food with large portions, inexpensive we recommend this good place to eat. We then picked up our annual beach pass and drove the beach and watched cart boarders being pulled along with large sail kites. One thing we like about this area are the big ships we see in the Intercoastal Waterway alongside the beach park. We then went to Roberts Point Park and watched the dolphins play and feed. This is the Intercoastal Waterway and the ships and ferry boats stir the water and make excellent feeding grounds for the dolphins. When we returned to Lagoons we set out with the neighbors and enjoyed Happy Hour.
    We paid our lot rent for January and elected not to add cable tv and later I couldn’t stand the poor reception and added the cable to the system.
     Jay wanted to explore the Mission river fishing site between Bayview and Refugio so we drove to the site. You could fish at this point but looked like you would be better off with a boat. While on the way there we drove through Bayview and saw a property for sale. This house is listed on the Texas Historic places and was the former home of John and Nancy Wood. He was a merchant who enlisted in the Texas revolution force and moved to Texas in 1834. After the original house was destroyed by fire this house was built to replace the one that was lost.
      Lagoons activity director Pat Roberts has an informational meeting every Thursday to give updates on everything from what is happening in the area to park business. There is a drawing with prizes for attendance and also a fifty fifty drawing is held. We ate at the RV park café on the 6th and then saw a movie Daddy’s Home at Rockport Cinema. We also toured the Rockport Art Gallery and saw several paintings, this is a great place for local artists to display and work on projects.
      Jan 7th we rode our bikes down the bike trail and then took Daisy bug to a local restaurant Paradise Key where Sherry had a fish dinner and I had an Oyster po-boy sandwich. The Key Lime pie is great to follow the meal, so we splurged and split a piece. We fixed shrimp on the grill for supper.
      Jan 8th we went for a seven mile bike ride along the bike trail and out to the Memorial park bike paths. We picked up Salmon cakes at the local HEB grocery to fix for supper. We sat out with neighbors for Happy Hour and attended the Gospel fest in the evening.

       Jan 9th Sherry wanted to eat at one of her favorite restaurants in Port Aransas (Virginias). This restaurant has water views with large glass garage doors that can be opened weather permitting. This day the temperature was 64 degrees so they remained shut. Sherry had a Campechana Cocktail that she really liked. 

We drove the beach and again watched the Dolphins. I should mention every time you visit Port Aransas you cross a ferry with your vehicle, while it doesn’t cost anything you can get caught in traffic and should expect to spend some time waiting for the ride. This is part of the adventure and we enjoy the scenery while waiting. They have moved an oil rig to storage alongside of the ferry landing and you can get a great view of how big these rigs really are when so close.

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