Sunday, March 20, 2016

Rockport 2016 January 13th through 19th

January 13 and 14 
           Sherry was ill we think she had some bad crab cakes for supper. She suffered through this and felt a little better so we could continue our adventure.

January 15th  
           We rode bikes Texas Aquarium, we also went to Castaways a local thrift shop and didn’t find any treasure. In the afternoon we had happy hour with our friends.

January 16th  
            Sherry and I both wanted to try a restaurant on Fulton Beach Road. Captains Benny’s. We had heard good reviews from the happy hour folks. Sherry enjoyed her shrimp basket and I really enjoyed my oyster po-boy sandwich it was loaded with oysters. We purchased a hat for father in law Bennie for his birthday.

January 17th  
              Went to church at RV park and visited with neighbors .

January 18th    
              We journeyed to Corpus Christi for a trip to Jo-Anns fabrics and also stopped at Academy Sports for some fishing equipment. Sherry and I both enjoyed a lunch at Joes Crab Shack, she didn’t have the crab as she was still thinking about her recent illness.

January 19th 
             Toured Rockport fish piers, there are several of these from the one at Rockport Beach Park and old town to the Fulton Marina. We then had lunch at Pizza Hut, later we sat with the neighbors and solved the world problems. We look forward to set outside in the most beautiful weather we are having this year. Many of the same people were here last year and due to the bad weather we did not set out for happy hour very many times.

January 20th to 22nd
                Sherry and I went to South Padre Island to visit with her mom and Bennie. This is a three hour drive from Rockport and most of the area is open with no buildings to be seen. We met at the visitors center and enjoyed looking at the sand castles.

There is a great restaurant on South Padre called Dirty Al’s it has great big shrimp for us to enjoy. This is a local favorite and is always extremely busy. They also have a seafood market and have a selection of fresh fish and shrimp displayed in the entrance to the restaurant. Their condo was right on the beach. The sidewalk from their condo took you onto the beach. Lots of people just walk the beach daily while others fished from the shore. Their condo had a fish cleaning station and men were having some luck catching.  We visited and stayed with mom and Bennie at their condo for two nights. The afternoon we arrived we went for a drive the length of the Island just to see what we could do while visiting. Lots of beautiful sand. This truly is an area that you must love the beach.  
January 21st we went to the South Padre Island Birding and Nature Center. This center is really a plethora of wildlife. They give you a paper for a scavenger hunt that lists lots of birds including Great Blue Herons, Roseate Spoonbill which are beautiful pink birds, Brown Pelicans, Great Egrets and many other birds. This list also included alligators. You could check mark these birds off as you walked the boardwalk around this nature area. We really enjoyed this center and since Sherry likes to do the Penny Machines she was able to add to her collection of bird pennies from the gift shop area.
  We attended a concert at one of the hotels later that night and the performer sang all Frank Sinatra songs. The hotel was beautiful on the inside and he did a really great job of singing and from afar looked a lot like Mr Sinatra. 

We returned to Rockport on the 22nd and resumed our coastal adventure.


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