Monday, January 26, 2015

Lagoons Rv Park Rockport Texas

We drove 3 days and finally arrived here at Lagoons RV Park in Rockport, Texas around 11:00am on Dec. 30th. When we got close to Rockport we called the park to see if they had any spots since we were not supposed to be here until January the 1st the office said come on in and you can have the same spot that we had reserved to 2 months. Sherry was so excited. We had stopped by Goose Island State Park before we called Lagoons and they were full. Park person said everyone must have wanted to camp for the New Years. We stopped by the car wash and washed Daisy our RV. Jay knew that she was super dirty with 3 days of rain we drove through and in this RV park every ones rigs are polished and just shine. We set up and hooked up everything and headed over to the little café here at the park. They have specials for the day or you can place an order. This is so handy for patrons here at the park, it is quite the meeting place for folks and the food is great!! We then headed into Rockport and washed Daisy Bug the HHR and went to the grocery. We also got the 2015 Rockport Beach pass. It costs $15.00 for a year. You must have this sticker or pay $5.00 each time you go into the beach area.


Weather was 46 degrees windy and overcast clouds. Had lunch at the park café and headed to Aransas for their beach stick. It is  $12.00 for the year. We drove onto the beach which you can drive for many miles. Some people were out walking, and we saw people also camped. You can stay on the beach for so many days and then you have to move off. Jay stayed on the beach last year. I am sure we will do this before heading back to Indiana.

We also checked out a quilt shop in Rockport for my mom. They were so friendly and had lots of befautiful fabric and yarn. This was such a neat shop and I know mom and I will be back lots of times.

1/1/2015 - 1/25/2015
Settled in to RV living in Lagoons Rv Resort. We have been so busy seeing the sights it has been very exciting for Sherry. The weather for the first couple of  weeks was mostly rainy and cold which did not enhance our experience. We had a couple of days where the weather cooperated with having outside fun and were able to bike ride. We rode several miles along the beach and really enjoyed the exercise.  Jay caught the flu and had to make a trip to the Corpus Christi emergency room. They found he was dehydrated and gave him a couple of quarts of  saline through an IV then with the X-ray and flu swab, 9 vials of blood drawn they prescribed lots of drugs and rest. He suffered through the illness and was coughing up stuff for several days. Still has a cough but is feeling much better. Around January 15 Sherry's mom and stepdad arrived to stay at Port Aransas in a nice condo. We have been showing them around the area.
      We went to see the big tree at Lamar and also sighted several Whooping cranes and sand hill cranes in the area. We have also been going to the entertainment provided in the area. The RV park has had several performers from the Branson area and they have been great. We went to a play at Aransas Pass Rialto Theatre and watched " Always Patsy Cline" This was a great show with the main characters singing and telling a story of  a friendship that developed between a Divorcee in Houston and Patsy Cline. This lasted several  years with letters between them that documented the friendship. We really enjoyed this performance. There have also been several dances here and we did out best to entertain fellow RVers with our antics. I know there is much more to tell but don't want to make this post too long so will continue with the next opportunity.

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