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2016 New England trip

2016 New England trip
      July 14 we left Geneva and traveled to Holmes county Ohio, we stayed at campground in Berlin Ohio. We visited Guggisberg cheese company in Millersburg, Ohio and purchased several varieties. We then shopped at Berlin, the roads were being resurfaced and traffic was difficult. We only stayed overnight then journeyed to Lehmans country store in Kidron Ohio. We were able to obtain a ceramic skillet that was induction rated that Jay has been wanting. We also purchased a pastry scraper and raspberry tea and candy.
Guggisberg cheese company

      When we left Holmes county we traveled to Bedford PA where we stayed two nights at Friendship villiage. We toured the American Coverlet museum and enjoyed the education we received from the tour guide who was the cofounder with his wife. This gentlemen’s specialty in the antique business was American coverlets. We enjoyed the coverlets of weavers from many different states and learned Indiana was about as far west as coverlets were produced.  Printed material mainly printed flour sacks were used to make quilts and replaced the woven coverlets.  We saw a Jacquard attachment and saw the amazing technology. He was very interested to know that Sherry was a weaver from Indiana.
Barn loom American Coverlet Museum

     We then did the driving tour of the Bedford county covered bridges and saw 9 of the 13 bridges on the tour. It is said the county has more covered bridges than traffic lights.

       July 17 we left Bedford and drove to Shenadoah national park. We camped at the Mathews Arm campground close to the north entrance. Camping was cheap at $7.50 with my senior pass water and dump station were available but all sites were non electric. We drove about 60 of the 105 miles along the skyline and enjoyed the views.  In the campground I asked one of the hikers I saw if he had seen any bears. Just that morning he had seen a bear in the campground along the “A” Loop. We were in the “B” Loop and didn’t see any bears. When we were driving traffic had come to a complete stop because a bear had crossed the road and people were trying to get pictures. One fellow showed me a picture on his tablet of a black bear.
       July 18 we arrived Shenandoah crossing a Blue Green vacation resort. We stayed here four nights and were entertained with their time share spiel. The resort was very nice we had a presidential site that included a gas grill, and sink with running water. There was a hot tub on the site as well, but with the rains and debris that floated into the site we didn’t use any of the extras. Two of the four days here we had torrential rains. There were several amenities here along with horse riding, 
Shenandoah Crossing RV resort

Lodge with restaurant, a lake, and miniature golf. Madison home Monroe’s home Michee tavern
        July 22 Locust Lake state park Barnesville PA, We stopped at Gettysburg battlefield and museum as we were close. We traveled through four states today. Journeyed from Virginia to West Virginia to Pennsylvania. 
Gettysburg welcome center
Sherry getting some political advise from Abraham.
She asked: Well Abe who would you vote for this year?

     July 23 Thompson Connecticut, We Journeyed through, New York, New Jersey, to Connecticut. We stayed overnight at Branch Brook campground, in Thompson Connecticut. When we called for a reservation the office said they would be leaving at 4pm for a birthday party. We were to follow the instructions on the door. Cash only, with $3.00 extra for air-conditioning. We are Good Sam members and the 10% savings at Good Sam parks pay for the membership. However we decided to join Passport America to receive their 50% reduced rate. The cost for the PA membership is $44 per year. The two times we have used the membership we saved $150.00. There are restrictions, it is not available at all parks and most parks restrict usage to Sunday through Thursday. Some parks won’t allow use during busy seasons. 

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