Wednesday, August 31, 2016

2016 New England, Harrisville NH-Kennebunkport ME

2016 New England, Harrisville NH-Kennebunkport ME

July 26.     Packed up and on the road by 8 am. Took detour through Rhode Island to let Daisy experience the roads here. We then traveled north through Massachusetts and onto Harrisville, New Hampshire. This town was not RV friendly but we found parking at a closed road next to Harrisville Looms where Sherry wanted to visit. This is an abandoned water mill weaving factory that has been converted to a woodworking manufacturing and outlet for yarns and fiber related materials. 

We spent a couple of hours here and then had to figure out how to turn the RV around. I should have just unhooked the tow vehicle and did a three point turn at the intersection but instead drove about ten miles up the road and made a loop through a church parking area. There was a wedding or funeral just leaving out and I had to wait until traffic allowed me to complete the turn around.
We then journeyed to Old Orchard Beach ME where we stayed at Wagon Wheel RV resort our second Passport America Park and stayed for two nights. Old Orchard Beach is a tourist area (trap) with a permanent carnival, and lots of shops in the downtown area. There is a trolley that picks up at the RV Park and takes the awaiting tourists to the downtown area. The first night we drove the car downtown and put up with all the traffic, both vehicles and pedestrians quite the area. Supposed to be the closest beach to Quebec Canada, and lots of French could be heard between trapped tourists. We took the trolley ride the next day and then walked around the downtown area. We saw some beach and ocean but this place didn’t fit our current lifestyle.

July 27. We drove to Kennebunkport which was 18 miles up the road and enjoyed revisiting. There are lots of neat homes here as well as places to pull off the road and take pictures of the ocean views.  We took pictures of the Bush compound and then I dropped Sherry downtown to find a hat pin souvenir. Traffic was terrible, all the parking places were taken and I made about 6 loops before driving about a mile away and parked in a lot that was for guests only and waited until Sherry said she was ready to be picked up. We had lunch at Mabel’s restaurant, sat outside and enjoyed the lobster roll and deep fried oysters. Mabel’s is famous for entertaining the Bush’s, but we didn’t see anyone we recognized. 

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